Swedish law firm WSA hosts Telfa Fall Conference in Stockholm

TELFA, the Trans European Law Firms Alliance, has held its Fall Conference in Stockholm, Sweden, hosted by its exclusive member firm in the country, WSA. Corporate governance was the topic chosen for this 2-day conference that included workshops, conferences and networking sessions.

The first day was attended by representatives from the 27 TELFA member firms, several USLAW members and also some of the members’ international clients, and focused on corporate governance in the different countries where TELFA is present.

TELFA partners from several jurisdictions such as the UK (Ed Craft, Wedlake Bell), Germany (Jan Tibor Lelley and Prof. Dr. Peter Fissenewert, Buse Heberer), Netherlands (Karen Verkerk, from Dirkzwager advocaten & notarissen) and Sweden (Nicolina Hallerby, SWA) explained the situation of corporate governance in their countries. Ola Löhman, from CSR Sweden, talked about corporate social responsibility, and Annelie Götbring, from AMF, focused on corporate social responsibility from a client perspective. Max Björkbom, partner from WSA, also provided the attendees with an update on financial compliance and risk management, and Henrik Nilsson, also from WSA followed up on Data Protection issues.

On the second day – a member-only session – participants learnt about digitalization of the legal market thanks to Ylva Gnosse from Regi Research & Strategi AB, who also talked about product packaging in the legal profession. Joachim Dresner, from Danish member firm Lund Elmer Sandager also provided members with other examples of product packaging, and Laura Fauqueur from Spanish member firm Adarve Abogados presented the results of the marketing survey carried out throughout all the TELFA member firms.

TELFA organizes each year a Fall Conference and a Spring one where its member meet, learn and exchange on pressing legal issues, at the same time that they consolidate their international capacity by developing joint projects in their respective practice groups.


The Trans-European Law Firm Alliance (TELFA) was founded in 1989, born out of the growing need of mid-size law firms to serve clients doing business across Europe. Through the sustained commitment of its members, TELFA has become a strong alliance of independent law firms in Europe. The fact that the member firms of TELFA are independent offers clients a flexible alternative to the global law firm model, in which internal pressures sometimes compete with the needs of client service.

TELFA’s focus is on client service through the provision of quality legal advice, which can be managed by the member firm in the client’s jurisdiction, or the client can go direct to the member firm in the foreign jurisdiction(s) in which the client has the need for advice. Through its affiliation with the USLAW NETWORK “USLAW”, member firms of TELFA and their clients have access to known and trusted legal advisers throughout North and South America.